Kitchen Safety

Amber Tevepaugh, 2/3/14

Cuts Prevention

1. Keep knives sharp.

2. Wash knives separately.

3. Always cut down and away from you, never toward yourself.

4. Never point your knife at someone. Accidents happen.

5. Make sure to store knives in the proper places. (Holders, drawers, etc.)

6. Never use your fingers to remove food stuck in a blender, food processor, or garbage disposal. Use a knife, spoon, or fork.

7. Clean up broken glass properly. Sweep up big pieces, and use a wet paper towel or rag to clean up glass splinters.

Cuts First Aid

1. Cover the wound and apply direct pressure.

2. Wash the wound with soap and water.

3. If the cut is severe, apply pressure and go to a hospital.

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