I woke in a strange place in an even stranger room. As I hastily ran to the over sized window to see what was going on I noticed I was wearing an old dress that looked as if it had just been dug up from a renaissance fair. Looking out the window I realized I wasn't the only one. Everything I saw looked antique and the people wore clothes similar to mine. In a confused daze, I left the room. I had woke only to find another room, a ball room it seemed and I found that the people were preparing for a ball. One of the maids came up to me and said " Excuse me you're majesty but why are you not preparing for the ball it will begin in a few hours you must get ready." I all of the sudden put it all together, I was no longer myself. I had somehow time traveled. No, I thought that's crazy, but there could be no other explanation. I was still flustered when a gust of woman crawled me up to the chambers, I woke in, to help me prepare. The same afternoon on my way down to the ball I was stopped by a very handsome man, tall with dark features and he spoke to me. He said " Marie why have you not arrived yet, our guest are waiting?" Before I was able to answer, a short, grey headed man approached us" King Henry, Queen Marie what a pleasure, this is yet again another wonderful event you have put together." He then walked away and I recalled the names of the king and queen of France in 1630 were the same as the older man had just called us! All of the sudden it all fit I had time traveled, and became the queen of France. Mystified, I walked my newly discovered husband down to what was our ball. I met the portrait I had only seen on a canvas. Later on that night I re-approached the maid from earlier and ask her" What am I doing here? I don't understand. I just woke up all of the sudden and was the queen of France, what....." Interrupting me she grabbed my arm as if I was a misbehaving toddler and drug me into the heavenly smelling kitchen. It was at that time, I was shoved into what I thought to be a pantry. I find that it is just a room with desk and large chair. There sat a husky man with a long beard who said nothing other than two low rough words that were" Drink this." Without really knowing what I was doing, I did as the man told me. The next thing I knew I was back in my room watching Basketball Wives of Atlanta like nothing had ever happened.

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