Adolf hitler

Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria  

Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria. Adolf Hitler started off as a Yong boy who wanted to be an artist when he grew up but he when he was in his teen years he went to collage and he got kicked out and his dreams he went in the German army and became what he became

Fun Facts

1. one of his close friends was found to be Jewish

2. During the First World War he volunteered to fight for the German Army and gained the rank of corporal, earning accolades as a dispatch-runner. He won several awards for bravery, including the Iron Cross First Class.

3. he killed six-million Jews – and an estimated 11million people in all – were killed as a result of the Holocaust

4. He practiced for speeches by taking photos of himself

5.He was an out-of-control spender

6.Hitler was a vegetarian who was diligent about food testing

7.His favorite actor only died in 2011

8.He loved Disney

9.Hitler was rejected from art school more than once

10.Rumour has it that Hitler had bred an army of talking dogs

Time Line

  • Adolf Hitler born in Austria

    on April 20, 1889, he was born in the small Austrian village of Braunau Am Inn just across the border from German.

  • Jan 3 1903Adolf Hitler's father, Alois, dies

    In the town of Leonding, Austria, on the bitterly cold morning of Saturday, January 3, 1903, Alois Hitler, 65, went out for a walk, stopping at a

  • 1905Adolf Hitler Moves to Vienna, where He Acquires His Anti-Semitic Beliefs

    From 1905 on, Hitler lived a bohemian life in Vienna on an orphan's pension and support from his mother. He was rejected twice by the Academy of

  • Jan 14 1907Adolf Hitler's mother, Klara, dies

    On January 14, 1907, Adolf Hitler's mother went to see the family doctor about a pain in her chest, so bad it kept her awake at night. The doctor

  • 1909 to 1913Adolf Hitler lives in Vienna

    The beautiful old world city of Vienna, capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with its magnificent culture that had seen the likes of Beethoven

  • 1914 to 1918Adolf Hitler serves in World War I

    Hitler, by all accounts, was an unusual soldier with a sloppy manner and unmilitary bearing. But he was also eager for action and always ready

  • Adolf Hitler died April 30, 1945

5 important people to Hitler

Heinrich Himmler was the chief of the Nazi and one of Hitlers favorite

Karla hitler was Hitler mother and she had died from cancer

Why people should think this is important

Hitler was the most ruthless person in history he killed Jews because  he did not like the way they looked so he killed over 1 million  so we need to remember all the people who died for no reason.

Whys is he a hero

Adolf Hitler was a hero because he told the people that Jews are bad  so the people listen and thought they were bad but some people didn't but the people who did Hitler was there hero

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