Dear MS. Dorsett,

You have really changed my view on Social studies.Before I came to your class i didn't really care for the subject. i actually thought it was useless in my life. One assignment i really enjoyed was Market Day. It was so engaging.1 assignment i didn't find helpful was the ABC book. I will never forget you because, you wouldn't just help me with social studies, you helped me with life and i thank you for that.

Dear Ms. Smith,

I absolutely love you. you have really enlightened me and i feel like you are one of the reasons i am ready for high school. one project I liked was the car project. It was cool to be able to own your own car and have to learn how to save money. One thing I didn't like was the perfect squares. I'm going to remember you because of the way you prepared us for life in a math perspective.

Dear Ms. Roy,

YOU ARE MY FAVORITE TEACHER EVER!!! You inspired me to do my best. You also made my 8th grade year so much fun. my favorite

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