Parts of A River

Sandy Nava Blanco

This is the Mississippi river.One of the biggest watersheds in USA.

What is a


A watershed is area of high water going to a area of low and emptying out to a larger body of water.A watershed has a source,and a mouth. The watershed affects how the river flows.

This is a watershed.At the top like always is the source

A source is at the top and is where the watershed begains.

What is

thE MOUth

The mouth is where the water emptys out to a larger body of water.The mouth should be a the bottom of the watershed.

There is a river emptying out to a larger body of water which is called mouth.

What is a


A tributary is a side stream,a stream flowing  into a bigger river.

This is the snakey tributary.

what is a


A Divide is a mountain riges serating watersheds.

Those lines of mountains are the divides.

what is


Headwaters is a tributary stream of a river close to or forming part of a source.

The headwater is forming part of a source.

What is a

flood plain

Flood Plain is the area around a river

Here is floodplain next to the river

a summary for watersheds

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