The Outsiders

Ethan Waldo

Reflection essay

1. I would describe my writing in the beginning in the beginning of the year patchy and not full, now I think its better now.

2. I think I'm best at writing stories not essays.

3. I need to improve on essays

4. I liked reading the book.

The Outsiders essay

When people think of heroes think of heroes they think of people with perfect hair and nice cars, but there is another type of hero too. Ponyboy Curtis is a Greaser, Greasers have greased long hair, junk cars (if they could afford them), and treated like criminals, not every hero is like this but I will show you that Ponyboy Curtis is a true hero and goes through most of the steps and phases of “The Heroes Journey”.

Ponyboy experiences The Separation from the Known when he comes home late from the movies and Darry got furious, he slapped Pony and he bursted out the door to get Johnny, they went to the park when some Socs tried to drown Pony, Johnny killed Bob in self defense and ran off to find Dally.

“‘Dally!’ Johnny gulped, looking back over her shoulder. ‘We gotta see Dally.’” (pg. 51)

In The Hero’s Journey the hero experiences the separation from the known is when the hero leaves his comfortable life that he is familiar with, into the challenging unknown. In The Outsiders, Ponyboy leaves the known or comfortable when Johnny kills the Soc and has to run to the church. He does not know where he is or when he’s coming back.

Ponyboy experiences The Initiation when he wakes up in the church for the first time and he thought that he was at home. Darry was making breakfast, and they were going to drag them out of bed, then he realized that Johnny was not there.

“I woke up late in the afternoon… Darry and Sodapop are up. Darry’s cooking breakfast, and in a minute he and Soda come drag me out of bed… ‘Johnny?’ I called loudly” (pp. 68,69)

The initiation is when the hero endures physical/psychological challenges. In The Outsiders, Ponyboy experiences the initiation when he comes to the church, he described the church as “Spooky” that was a challenge for the mind, also known as psychological challenge. Another challenge was bleaching/cutting his hair it was both psychological and physical pain because it took a long time to grow out and getting a haircut with a switchblade probably hurts a lot.

Ponyboy experiences the abyss when he goes to see Johnny in the hospital and he is in critical condition, he knew that Johnny was close to death,

“‘It was Johnny I was worried about… If he lived….. If?... Please. No.’ I thought ‘Please not if.’” (102)

In the Hero’s Journey the abyss is when the hero is at is/her low point, when he/her doesn't think he can go on any more. In The Outsiders, when Ponyboy visits the hospital that is his abyss, he doesn't think proceeding with the fight was a good idea if Johnny was about to die.

Ponyboy experienced the return to everyday life when he wakes up from his concussion from the fight and goes back to school to find out that he is failing his english class and the only way to pull up his grade is to write a good end of the year essay, he decides to write The Outsiders…

“ And I finally began like this: ... Paul Newman and a ride home.” (180)

In the Hero’s journey, the return to everyday life is when the hero returns to his regular and comfortable life. In The Outsiders PonyBoy returns to everyday life when he wakes from his concussion and starts school again.

Ponyboy Curtis is a hero and the hero’s journey proves that, the outsiders also has a meaning in it, that it's rough all around, if you're rich, or poor, you all can see the sun set.

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