Mongol Empire

Mongols and Yuan Dynasty


Mongols were originally nomads that would attack other dynasties to gain land to form a new one. The most famous ruler of the Mongols was Genghis Khan "Universal Ruler". He made a strong army to fight battles to gain land for their empire. When Genghis Khan died, the empire was divided into four khanates, or regions.  His grandsons Kublai Khan and Hulegu ruled parts of the land. The empire was ruled peacefully , which caused a peace stability across Asia known as the Pax Mongolia, meaning "Mongol Peace".

This is Genghis Khan. Also known as, "Universal Ruler"

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Watch this video to learn interesting facts about the Mongol Empire and how our world today would be different if they never existed.

Yuan Dynasty

Kublai Khan was the famous ruler from the dynasty. He moved the capital from Mongolia to Beijing. He distrusted the Chinese and limited their power in government. Because of the Pax Mongolia, trade increased majorly because it was much safer to travel. This is a major plus because it helped cultural diffusion. The empire started to decline during the last part of Kublai Khan's reign.

Marcus Polo

This is Marcus Polo, and Italian trader from Venice who traveled with his father to China. When Marco visited the Yuan Empire, Kublai Khan took a liking to him and would send him on many missions in and around China.  

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