Toxoplasmosis is a single celled organism. It is very common over 60 million people have it and don't know that they have it. THe people that are at risk the most are the ones that are pregnant or have a very weak immune system. The source of this bacteria is in unwashed fruits and veggies, raw meat or not fully cooked meat, it is also found in cat feces. Most people can be cured without the treatments, but if the have a weak immune system or if the person is pregnant then there are a variety of treatments to treat the illness. The symptoms of this parasite is headaches, swelling in your lymph nodes, body aches, fatigue, seizures, confusion, poor coordination In bad cases it can cause blured vision and lung problems. The illness is most dangerous to people with a weak immune system or have gotten the parasite in them while pregnant or six months before pregnancy can still have an effect on the mother and the child and fedius. Ways to prevent this is to make sure you cook your meats to the right degrees, be sure to wash all fruit and veggies before eating them, keep utensils that you used on meat separate from all other utensils, always use a separate cutting boards and wash thoroughly before using on something else.

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