Every morning I ride to school with my Grandma and then get on the bus

A day in life: Vietnam

The country I chose was Vietnam. The Boy I chose is 11 years old and his name Bui Duy Bihn.

My Students Family

Every morning my student gets up and brushes his teeth. His mom usually makes his breakfast. But today, I buy pho (faw), a beef noodle soup, from a street vendor.

A day At 7:20

He turns in his homework. After that he goes to art class. A teacher comes to our room to teach us how to draw. My team chooses me to draw at the board.

Getting out of School

School ends. Because there are not enough teachers, half of my school goes to class in the morning and half goes in the afternoon. My parents work, so when school ends, I take a motorcycle taxi home. We call it a xe om (say ohm).

Events In the Morning

Every morning i get up take a shower then brush teeth and eat.

Going to School

Every Morning i go to school with my grandma and ride the bus to school. I have my first classes with 1-3 period and go to lunch around noon.

After Noon

After noon i go to my classes 4-6 and advisory. I usually come home and do my homework. After my homework I go to baseball practice from 5:00- 7:00.

Differences Between Our Lives

In our lives we live very differently. The Asian students are not as lucky as us. We have more resources in a day then they would get in a whole year. We don't have to do as much work as us. The Asian don't have the same resources as us and they still use what they have and are just as smart as us.

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