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What's happening now in Napa is that a 42-year old Napa man was arrested on suspicion of murder early Thursday morning September 12,2013.He allegedly stabbed his 40-year old wife multiple times, according to the Napa Police Department.Just after 3am.Thursday, a 12-year old called 911 to report that her mother had been stabbed multiple times by her father.Their 12-year old daughter was not physically injured and Napa County Child Protective Services assisted in placing her with family members, police said.

Silverado Middle School

What is happening next at Silverado Middle School is the New York City trip.You will be able to see the Freedom tower and the Statue of Liberty. Students will be able to shop and explore the city, have a good,fun time.

Napa Weather

Monday: 80 degrees

Tuesday: 76 degrees

Wednesday: 74 degrees

Thursday: 78 degrees

Friday: 79 degrees

Saturday: 79 degrees

Sunday: 77 degrees


Former football standout Vermeil won seven pro rings with 49ers and Bulls. He was named Nebraska's all opponent team one year. He played in 30 straight games for Utah state ,at the time it was a school record.

Worldwide News

Today could be a day in push to get rid of Syria's chemical weapons. Although Syria's bloody civil war is over two years old,power players from many nations seemed focused on making changes.Now on September 26,Syria gave U.S.A the location where the chemical weapons are located.We U.S.A are still thinking if Asad is saying the truth.To check more information go to

Opinion Section

I've been concerned about too much money being wasted in the City of Napa.First thing is the new skateboard park which is around 1.3 billion dollars.Second is the new 7 story hotel in downtown which is way more than the new skateboard park.Also the new dock where you can park your boats or tie them up which it isnt that much money but still it's money.In the future we can be out of money then what will we have?

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