System Recommendations For a Receptionist

Components for A Receptionist  

A Receptionist is a person that operates and deals with customers at a computer desk for a company. But this is what a receptionist needs for the computer system.


This is the hp elite display e231 58.4cm {23''} Led backlit monitor. I Think this monitor is ood for receptionist because its good for business people also it has got 3 years limited warranty so if anything breaks and you can get it covered. And it is a basic monitor which costs £145 and it doesn't cost as much as some monitors these days.  


This is the Logitech comfort k290 wired keyboard. I think this is good for a receptionist because its easy to type and the keyboard is full size for what business use and low profile keys feel good. Also is easy to use because all the keys where receptionist expects them to be so they will type faster when they are doing documents and files for dealing with customers.

Wireless Keyboard

Also since the feedback I was giving from receptionist I would recommend a wireless keyboard because it's easier to set up to use.

This is the Microsoft basic optical mouse 3btn mouse wired usb mouse. This is good for receptionist because it is like a basic mouse and it is easy to use. Its 7.44 so its quite cheap and you will save money from it. Also with this mouse receptionists cab scroll faster like the pages etc. Also if they work a lot faster it will be a lot easier for them to do reaserch.


This is intel core i7 3.5 Ghz Processor. This is good for receptionists because it is faster multi core technology and the computer will be a lot faster with the great pc performance. Also this is what receptionist needs because they need a faster processer to do all the work like documents research ect. 


Since I was given feedback from the receptionist from the questionnaire they suggested this will be a better CPU because it's a lot faster and the computer performance is a lot better then before.


This is the Corsair vengeance pro series-dim 240-pin. This is  useful for a receptionist because it has 16gb which is pretty good memory. Also they need the memory for storing documents and files for when they are dealing with customers.


This is the Seagate barracuda 1 TB Internal hard drive serial ata-600 3.5 7200rpm. This is useful for a receptionist because it will enable receptionists to work faster while doing there job. Most receptionists want a very good hard drive and I think this is a good hard drive you can get also it is not that expensive.


This is the Corsair rm1000 power supply-1000 watt. This would be good for receptionists because it is it's got a zero rpm fan mode ensure that the fan doesn't spin until the power supply is under heavy load. Also the rm1000 is built in high quality components and is guaranteed to deliver clean, stable, continuous power. 


This is the sennheiser pc 21 monaural headset. I wold recommend this for receptionists because it is a single sided starter headset with the most superior sound in its class, providing great value for money. Its the perfect gear for voice recognition, internet telephony and all VoIP applications. Receptionist will need this to listen and communicate with customers. Listening through the hear phone and talking through the microphone  on doing work on the computer so they can multi task easier and get things done quicker and faster.


Also I would recommend the spirit 410 corded telephone because since the feedback I was given from the receptionist and they reccemended a telephone.


This is the Zotac GeForce gt 610 graphics card-2gb-DDR3 sdr3 sram. I would reccemend this to a receptionist because its got 2 gb which its not a lot and for a receptionist you won't need a lot of gb when doing documents ect.


This is the tower case for the pc. I would recommend this mish for a receptionist because it will keep all the motherboard and all the other components in the tower cause if the receptionist didn't have a tower then the computer wouldn't' be able to work properly and that's why it is important that all the components are kept neat and tidy in the tower case.


This software is Microsoft office home and business 2013.This can include letters emails ect to different company's.  It's got power point for presentations if they wanted to do a presentation and  it's got outlook and excel as well so it is quite handy.  


This operating system is windows 7 home premium 32/64 bit key. I would recommend pre cum this to a receptionist because it's up-to-date operating system   and also it has a 32/64 bit key which is good.  Also it is  faster and easy to use to run all your applications on your computer which receptionists wants to work at a faster pace.


This antivirus software is Norton. I would recommend this for receptionists because its got good spyware o it example it scans all your files and the whole computer itself in case there is a virus on your computer.   Also  it doesn't slow your computer down and also it stops hackers from getting in your pc.


A Network is two or more then one computer system connected to all of them so you can all communicate as users. Network these days allows us all different things like send emails to your friends and family, interact though social media sites   Networks can connect to all things like from tablets to androids and laptops to game consoles.


A local area Network {LAN} interconnects with computers with a limited area such as home, school, computer laboratory or office building. using network media.


A wide area Network {WAN] is a network that covers the whole of the area. The Internet can be considered a WAN as well, and is used by businesses, governments, organizations, and individuals for almost any purpose imaginable.

I would use the LAN  network because for a receptionist they work in an office in a big building and they got loads of computers and because loads of company's use the local area network.


Virus’s can be used to steal and corrupt data and they can spam you and try to make you download stuff.

Someone my hack into your network and taker all your data also to stop them from doing that you need anti software to stop hackers stealing your identity online or on your computer.

Make sure your wireless adapter is enabled if you use one otherwise you would not be able to connect to the network.

You will need a password for your network of your choice because people could get in to your network and use it so make sure your password is very strong I would say use 16 letters like make it harder for people to guess.

You my have missing updates that could be a problem

Network connection settings like could be something wrong in there either you connect to it something my be blocking your firewall in your connection for you not to connect to the network you are using.

The network issue cam cause problems with different company’s like loss of profit if the connection go down. Sometimes network problems are fairly simple to troubleshoot as most issues are connected to one of the few most common factors.

Electrical interference

It’s possible for electrical inference to occur between non shielded cables and electrical devices , such as wireless routers. Try to move your router to anther location so it connects right and separate your cables to reduce the electrical interference. Electrical disturbances or noise given off by the cables and devices sometimes networks interfere with each other and cause network disruption in the network service due to complications in the network area.

Unplugged Cables

This is anther reason why you can’t connect to the internet cause maybe the cables is unplugged from the wireless or router and it will say can’t connect and you will have to trouble shoot. When you troubleshoot the connection it will test it and if it isn’t fixed then you will have to follow the steps what it asked you. It will say in plug your router or something for like 30 seconds then come back it and try test it again with troubleshoot and it might work if not then you need to contact your network manufacture. It’s important to check all connections to see if the network is working fine and always make sure the light is on flashing.


Open Source:

An open source is a code that is made available with a license in which the copy holder provides the right to study open software is often developed in a public collaborative manner. Also open source can be modified and edited because its publicly accessible.

Source code is the part of software that most computer users don’t ever see its the code computer programmers can manipulate to change how a piece of a software program application works.

Single User:

A single user license is a licence that grants one user the right to use the software. It may also grant the user the right to install the software on only one machine, or it may authorize installation on certain number of machines as long as it is owned by the same user. This is the ideal software package to use at home.


Multi-User is an operating system/application software that can be accessed by multiple users of a computer. For example multi-user can be used for windows or PhotoShop. What we can’t do with multi-user is getting lots of versions and selling it on Ebay or the car boot sale because it’s illegal and can actually get in trouble.This is the ideal software for places like school, college or maybe a work place.

I would use the multi user because for a receptionist there is loads of computers in the building so they can use windows ect. And it also this is good for a work place to do work in.

If you been caught breaking the law like selling software like illegal you will get fined and you could go to jail and make sure you buy software not get it for free otherwise company's that own the software my lose profit due to people getting it from free from random sites which is ilgial and you could be prossacuted if that happens.


Topology is a various of links linked to your computer. Also there this loads of topology's that can be linked to a different computer network in different ways here the different ones below.

Point to Point is a topology with a permanent link between two endpoints.  Also a point to point is like you got a line full of computers and a cable goes all the way to the front and all the way to the back. Also the value of an on-demand point-to-point connection is proportional to the number of potential pairs of subscribers.

Bus topology is used, each machine is connected to a single cable and each computer or server is connected to the single bus cable through some kind of connector.

This central cable is the backbone of the network and is known as Bus Every workstation communicates with the other device through this Bus.  A signal from the source is broadcasted and it travels to all  across workstations connected to bus cable network.

Although the message is broadcasted but only the intended recipient, whose MAC address or IP address matches, accepts it. If the MAC /IP address of machine doesn’t match with the intended address, machine discards the signal. A terminator is added at ends of the central cable, to prevent bouncing of signals. A barrel connector can be used to extend it.

Ring is a network topology which is connected in a circle.Data travel from node to node, with each node along the way handling every packet.ring networks may be disrupted by the failure of a single link. The advantages of the network topology are

  • Very orderly network where every device has access to the token and the opportunity to transmit
  • Performs better than a bus topology under heavy network load
  • Does not require a central node to manage the connectivity between the computers
  • Due to the point to point line configuration of devices with a device on either side (each device is connected to its immediate neighbor), it is quite easy to install and reconfigure since adding or removing a device requires moving just two connections.
  • Point to point line configuration makes it easy to identify and isolate faults
  • The Disadvantages of the ring network
  • Moving, adding and changing the devices can affect the network
  • Communication delay is directly proportional to number of nodes in the network
  • Bandwidth is shared on all links between devices
  • More difficult to configure than a Star: node adjunction = Ring shutdown and reconfiguration
  • The star Topology network is a network and it is shaped like a star and each network host is connected to a central hub with a point-to-point connection. In Star topology every node is connected to central node called hub or switch.

    I would  use the star topology network because some receptionist use the star network  for there company because it is shaped like a star and also the network host is connected to a central hub with a point to point connection which also its a good thing for the receptionist


    What is a Client server?

    A Client server is where the server can control all of the clients in the room like in schools, colleges and other businesses. The server can have access to the files and security and backup files to the clients as well.

    What is Peer to peer?

    A peer to peer is a network that goes from one computer to anther and doesn't need an client server because its all linked up to a cable and its all equal.

    I would recommend the Client server because it is good for bossiness/company's to use because they could control all the computers to make sure everyone is working ect and provide them with security.   


    Printers- So they can print off forms and other pieces of work of what they done

    Telephone- So they can ring up people so they can get the jobs ect and also employees on lateness's

    Shared Security- so they can hall all there systems protected without no virus's

    Shared Hardware resources-  Sharing files ect so they can get all the information and produce forms like Microsoft office.

    Data Back Up- So they can keep all there information from the  system by backing it up to cloud for example and if the system gets wiped out then you can download all your information back from the cloud.


    The 3 Benefits of network registration is :

    When you register a network you get access to printers and files ect

    Save time- people  can sign up online when and where is most convenient for them in just a few minutes without having to print, manually fill out and send paper form

    Receive emails and notifications-people gets the ability to be informed straight to their inbox whenever a new event of their interest is launched, without having to look for it




    Access to network Software Update, Tech Support, Improves Productivity, Product Replacement, Easier Interaction with the system.


    Affects system performance, install things you do not wont , Computer might not have specific requirement's for the software, loss of sense ,  might have bugs when installing.  

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