The War in the Air

April 29th, 1917

It's dark and cold, no matter how much layers I put on it won't be enough to wear in the air because of the high altitudes. Us pilots are 21,000 feet up in the air and that's 35 degrees colder than it is on the ground, as well as being unarmed. I have layers and layers on but sometimes I think I'll just freeze to death. Sometimes the lack of oxygen at high levels when flying is another thing that pilots had to face. Cold, loud explosions and planes soaring in the sky. There are still planes in the sky watching our next moves, I also have to be in the air soon to observe the other country's  next moves. Every time I step into the plane my stomach goes into knots, but I'm brave and this war has been going on for a very long time. Wishing it was over soon.

There are many explosions, that scared everyone. At least all the Zeppelins were gone thanks to France by bombing them to pieces. Zeppelins were pretty tough to get down because they are made out of metal, unlike our small aircrafts which is made out of wood and canvas. There are many pilots who have "aces" which are pilots who have had more than 5 kills, but German allied pilots didn't receive "aces" until 10 kills. The hard thing about flying a plane is also fuel, the aircraft only had enough fuel to carry us in small distances, which is pretty tough so we have to keep track and stay on task. It was also difficult to carry things onto our aircraft. I could only hold a couple of bombs on the plane, since our aircraft can hold only so little loads.

There are many RFC's flying in the skies. RFC stands for "Royal Flying Corps". They are the air arm of British Army. The "Royal Flying Corps" pilots flew aircraft that were good for observation, but they were very easy to shoot down. The easiest way of shooting a plane down would be with a machine gun. Every time I get in the air I would bring a hand held weapon like a pistol or a rifle to try to shoot my enemies down. A few days ago, while I was on the ground there was a "dogfight" happening. It's where high-speed, one to one aerial battles occur in the air. I've never been in one, and I never want to be in one.

Its been tough for this past month. Us Canadians made a huge event happen during this war. We call it "Bloody April" since so much has happened. Us Canadians had a plan to reduce allied death on the ground by using aircraft to observe and photograph German's trenches. It was a great plan that happened in this month of April, which took a huge load of weight off Canadians backs. Plus, the Germans has the most equipment out of everyone in the war. Germany had 250 airplanes, France had 141, Britain had 83, Russia had 50 and the USA had hardly any.  

I must be flying in the air soon, but now the Germans out of our way I'm not as worried. Most of the Germans should be terrified. Still scared to fly, but it has to be done. I should be getting in the air soon, unarmed, cold, but ready. No more Zeppelins, no more trenches, no more war. I better bundle up, I have to fly.


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