Your lifestyle choices and environment can affect your body and the organism as a whole.Quality of air,kinds of food, and drugs are a few way that can affect the human body and environment.

Everyone knows you need air to breath but no one really takes care of it.Poor air quality is usually caused because of pollution.Pollution can irritate your eyes,throat and nose.The second cause for air pollutions is cars and smoke.Air pollution will also cause trouble with children.Children that are exposed to air pollution can hurt the lung development for them.Not only does it affect the lungs it also causes problems with the heart.and cause heart attacks.It could also affect the ozone layer.. If we keep up with this we will soon have terrible air quality.

Air quality isn't the only thing that affects the human body and environment.Abusing drugs can lead to health issues,injuries,behavior problems and effect on the brain.When overdosing on drugs you could become paranoid,aggressive,hallucinate,get loss of control and be impulsive.Drugs can weaken your immune system which will make you get an infection easier.It could also cause liver failure and seiuzers,strokes and wide brain damage.Drugs will also affect the environment.Coca is a main ingredient in cocaine.THe cultivation is damaging the soil and destroying the waterways for other plants

The kinds of food will affect more of your body than the environment.Food is always transported around the world.That means that there would have to be a lot of cars and trucks transporting them,these vehicles have greenhouse gases mostly known as carbon dioxide,Carbon dioxide affects climate change.Because of so much industrial farms America is losing 17 times faster than it can regenerate.