New York

"It's not a city, it's a world"

The view of this city‚Äč is amazing. You can see buildings of all sizes and figures. Some have a pointed roof,others have plain, round roofs

The climate state of New York is generally humid,features vary over the years. Winter temperatures average below freezing during January and February but near freezing along the Atlantic coastline, while summerlike conditions carry from June to August statewide.Cold Air east of the Appalachians lead to periods of cloud cover and precipitation at it's east side, primarily between the October and April months. On average, western New York is cloudier than southeast New York, much of it generated from the Lakes. The overall climate is hot and humid. If you visit New York you should take summer clothes. But if you are planning to go on January or December you should take Fuzzy Boots and warm clothes.

There are 4 very important tourist attractions. The first one is the Statue Of Liberty, It has many history and years. It is green because lady liberty got rusty. The second is The Empire State Building. It is the tallest building in New York. The movie King Kong happens here.  The third one is Times Square. It is the interjection of many other streets, including Broadway. It has many lights and Buildings. The fourth tourist attraction is The Brooklyn Bridge. Fifth, is Broadway. It is always great to visit a such entertaining show!

The Best View

New York has many special Features. Many movies and stories use this beautiful setting. You have not lived until you visit New York

New York!

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