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February 6, 2015

Week-in-Review Photo Gallery

Emazing Group Projects in US History

Mrs. Cruz's US History students are using Emaze to create presentations on imperialism.  Mrs. Cruz said she adapted this project from a collaboration with Mrs. Harper using tri-fold posters, but decided this semester to use Emaze. It is a free on-line resource which allows users the opportunity to create "amazing" presentations using a variety of templates. Groups were assigned a country or territory including China, Guam, Panama, and the Philippines to list a few. They were asked to research the motives for imperialism, how the area was gained or influenced, important people involved, native reactions, results or outcome of imperialism, presidents involved during height of American imperialism, and a flag and map of the area. Students were assigned group roles in which to effectively complete the assignment. Students were actively engaged in their groups and invested in their territories. They understood the importance of the assignment and related it to current situations including the recent activity in Cuba. What a wonderful way to lessen teacher talk and increase student talk!

To try Emaze yourself, click below.

Time Machine Tuesdays

Time Machine Tuesdays in Latin 2! #jchsfaculty #proudtobeajet

Mrs. Boynton has a creative way to present historical information to her students. The music begins,

It's astounding
Time is fleeting
Madness takes it's toll...

Rocky Horror Picture shows, "Time Warp" blasts. The students dance in their seats. They know what this means. It's Time Machine Tuesday. By intergrading the history of Rome and its literature like The Aeneid, Mrs. Boynton immerses her Latin students in the culture of Rome. This week's Time Machine Tuesday focused on the Phoenicians and Carthage while examining ancient maps of the Roman Empire and finding provinces at the time of Augutus.

Pilot's Lounge on CK12

Pilot's Lounge on CK12. #jchsfaculty #mcslearn

This week's Pilot's Lounge was a demonstration of the on-line resource CK12 by Mrs. Lilavois. A California based company has created a free, on-line resource for teachers. Downloadable materials ranging from texts, videos, self-assessments, etc are easily transferrable to I-pads (which can open as a book) or as a PDF and can be uploaded to Schoology or Edmodo. Links can be tweeted as well.  The dashboard displays subjects ranging from math including Algebra and Statistics, Engineering, History and English to list just a few. These resources contain real-world extensions and the most modern information. This resource is an awesome accompaniment to textbooks or for flipped classrooms. The self-assessments are a great way to create small groupings. Teachers are able to view "who needs help" after students complete self-assessments, and they can see which skills the students had difficulty completing. Mrs. Lilavois is a "CK12 Champion" having consulted with the company on improving the teacher resource.

Next week: Mrs Bohatch presents "The Flipped Classroom"

Spanish American War Reinactment

Trench warfare #jchsfaculty #proudtobeajet

Ms. Smith's classes were reenacting the Spanish American War this week focusing on trench warfare. Ms. Smith reports, "The Spanish struggled in Cuba’s terrain and they were at a huge disadvantage when it came to military tactics. The Cuban’s would use guerrilla warfare against them, and it was basically like shooting fish in a barrel. Spaniards would walk through the jungle oblivious and the Cuban’s would hit and run. So we talked about it in class listed advantages and disadvantages of both sides and then had a class discussion followed by the chapter test. Then the next day we took it outside and did the reenactment. We debriefed and the kids really understood after the questioning the advantage the Cubans had over the Spanish. "
Students completed a reflection about what they took away from the experience and if they would like to do more activities like this one.

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