Ancient Mesopotamia
                              by T.J.S

Mesopotamia is "A Land Between Two Rivers" and the rivers are the Tigris river and the Euphtates river.

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Aspects of Daily Life,The normal day of Mesopotamian was based on the type of work they did. Like many civilizations we will study, the Mesopotamians had a social structure. everyone was not equal. At the top, was the most power, thare were the priests. Below them were the kings, officials, and soldiers. The next level below were the merchants, traders, and craftsmen. The farmer land were outside the villag. Finally, the least amount of power, were the slaves.

Irrigation,the artificial application of water to land to assist in the production of crops.

Cuneiform,A form of a wedge; wedge-shaped.

Bricks,use for building.

Code of Hammurabi,eye for an eye tooth for a tooth.

Ziggurat,a temple of Sumerian.

Inventions,(wheel, sailboat, pottery wheel).

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