The Science and Art of Counseling

Ivey et. al Chapter 1

Crawl before you walk

* Help you interact more INTENTIONALLY with a client
*Basic at bottom, complex at top
*Master one skill--ready for the next
*Solid foundation always there
*Enhanced through practice

RESPECTFUL multicultural counseling

S=sexual identity
P=personal style/education
E=ethnic/racial identity
C=chronological/lifespan challenges
F=family background
U=unique physical characteristics
L=location (residence & language differences)

What new counselors tend to do...

*look for "the right" thing to say
*go straight to problem solving
*work too quickly
*give advice

We are NOT advice givers or problem solvers!

We are more like this...

General Counseling Tips...
1. Focus on client strengths and assets
2. Understand the client's world
3. Allow the CLIENT to lead
4. Look for resources--it's the foundation for change
5. Focus on what the client CAN do--not what the client CANNOT do
6. Find a time when they have succeeded
7. Introduce new ways of thinking, talking, and feeling about themselves
9. Be flexible--you may have to try several ways to help