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History of Bora-Bora

This island was once now as Vava’u perhaps supporting the theory that it was colonised by inhabitants from Tongan island of the same name “Bora Bora” translated as first born. James cook sighted Bora Bora in 1769 on his first voyage to French Polynesia, and a London missionary Society. (Lonely Planet). Due to the shortage of level ground on Bora Bora, land pressures created and unusually defensive population of fierce warriors. During wwll a US supply base was established here, prompted by the bombing of pearl harbor in 1941. in the early 1942 to the middle 1946 operation bobcat transformed the island and, at its peak, up to 6000 mena were stationed on Bora Bora.

Issues in Bora-Bora

Falling coconuts and sea-cucumbers are major issues in Bora-Bora. There is Deep water, and currents are not bad either. The whole thing is surrounded by lagoons and reefs. Over all Bora-Bora is a very beautiful place to go for vacation.(TripAdvisor LLC).(TripAdvisor LLC. "Bora Bora (Leeward Islands, French Polynesia).

Mt. Otemanu

The name Bora Bora became as famous as that Tahiti after visiting French yachtsman Alain Gerbault and American soldiers based there during World War II boasted of Bora Bora beauty and charm. Bora Bora is a small island that covers only 38 kilometers. Part of a small basaltic chain whose tallest point is Mt. Otemanu, which stands 727 meters. This mountain of basalt that dominates the center of the island was, the place where phaentons gathered. The west coast of the island is broke up by two deep bays, Faanui and Poofai, opposite of Motu Toopua. Bora Bora was formed after many volcanic eruptions that began four million years ago and continued over hundreds even thousands years. The island has undergown a slow sinking movement. (Prothero, David).

Flag of Bora Bora

An incident occurred in te last century when many national flags were still known only locally. At that time the flag book issued to Royal navy ships contained forms so that unrecorded national flags could be reported to the Admiralty. In January 1879 Captain Robinson of HMS Opal, Senior Naval Officer in the Sandwich Islands, reported the national flags of Nuaheine, Raiatea and Borabora in the Society Islands, "which I send as certain vessels belonging to foreign firms at Tahiti sail from there to Valparaiso and other ports under Boraborain flags". He drew the Bora Bora flag as a white flag with three red horizontal stripes. (Prothero, David).

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