Music is an escape to some people who just don't like the world or the people around them very much.  Or it's a way to express who they really are deep down but they're too shy to embrace it.  Or it could be their career.  To me, the music I grew up around, is who I am as a person.

I am a half Mexican girl who is also German, Swedish, French, and Italian.  But 95% of my life revolves around Mexican culture and Mexican music.  My culture makes me who I am.  I have friends who are the whitest people I will ever meet, and they told me the listen to it because it's the "in" thing.  It gets me upset sometimes because they don't understand the language and they don't understand the meaning of the song.  They all feel it's about the dangers in Latin American countries, but it's not.

My top 7 favorite songs are
1. Bailando- Enrique Iglesias
2. Rechazame- Prince Royce
3. Mi Ultima Carta- Prince Royce
4. Promise- Romeo Santos ft. Usher
5. Odio- Romero Santos ft. Drake
6. Para Que Tantos Besos- Noel Torres
7. Eres Mia- Romeo Santos

These songs plus more, help me forget about the world half the time.  My friends tell me to listen to English music so they can listen to my music with me, and that hurts 90% of the time, but if it's what I grew up around then they can kiss my ass because I'm not changing my music because they told me we're in america and we need to speak English.... hell to the no.