Super Size Me Documentary

Morgan Spurlock was the host of the documentary Super Size Me. The film proved that eating McDonald's everyday will decrease your health and increase your weight. Not only does eating McDonald's deprive your body of vital nutrients but it also declines the efficiency of all organs in your body.

Spurlock's experiment included eating Maccas everyday for 30 days straight. His breakfast, lunch and dinner had to be from Maccas. By the end of his experiment he had to have eaten every item on the menu at least once. He had to super size his meal every time he was asked to. Spurlock also had to cut down his walking to be considered an average american. Before he began the experiment he had to under go tests. One test revealed his weight, 185.5 pounds which is about 84.14 kg, a healthy weight for a man who regularly exercises. He also had a fitness test. It showed that Spurlock was an above average american in his fitness.

By the end of his experiment his nutritionist said that he has eaten more McDonald's than anyone should eat in 8 years. Spurlock's last weigh in was 210 pounds (95 kg). He gained 24.5 pounds (10.86 kg) in 30 days. Spurlock doubled his chance of heart disease and heart failure. His cholesterol was 230. He was depressed and exhausted throughout the experiment and he had vicious mood swings. He stated that his sex life was "non-existent." He found himself craving McDonald's and experiencing from not eating McDonald's. His organs turned to fat especially his liver which increased his rick of Cirrhosis. Although Spurlock gained a huge amount of weight in such a short time and destroyed his body in the process, he was still below the average american. With all the evidence stacking against the fast food industries, I would say that Spurlock proved that eating fast food is dangerous and can lead to serious harm to the body.

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