The Risks of Being Overweight

When a child below 5 years old looks fat, chubby, cuddly and big, he is automatically “healthy”. But we all know that’s not the case after 5, more so during our late twenties when our metabolism does not work as fast as it used to before.

Being overweight is not just bad because of how an overweight person looks like. There is more to it than looking disgusting, not fitting into clothes, not being able to score dates and feeling so awkwardly big in any given situation; being overweight also takes a lot of toll on a person’s health.

Most of us think that overweight people are the more blessed group compared to the obese. Due to extensive national health campaigns, the general population have become aware of how obesity can negatively impact your health. While that holds true, very few people know that carrying just a few extra pounds can also have a slight to severe implications on health.


The most obvious candidate is heart disease. This is mainly because of the evident fact that the heart has to work harder to pump blood to the fatty parts of the body. High Cholesterol, clogging of the arteries and fat simply pressing onto the veins and arteries in the body can also cause cardiovascular disease.

The most common heart disease in overweight people is high blood pressure or hypertension. It refers to an increased blood volume in the body that is used to supply oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This puts additional strain on the heart and increases the pressure on the walls of the arteries.


Diabetes is also a huge risk factor for overweight people. It is a common misconception that insulin production is lower or even non-existent in diabetics. However, insulin production can be totally normal but the cells, muscle and FAT in the body do not use the insulin. This is referred to as having an insulin resistant syndrome.

Overweight people are therefore more likely to get diabetes and could also suffer to a greater extent from its symptoms. While increased doses of insulin can help diabetics live with their disease, a healthy diet, exercise and weight loss can prevent this disease from occurring in the first place. One does not have to be obese to contract diabetes. There are, in fact, very skinny people who are suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the leading causes of kidney disease and failure. The kidneys filter blood, removing waste products as well as any excess water in the body. The kidneys also control blood pressure and dysfunctional kidneys will increase blood pressure.

Here are a few useful tips on how to keep your blood sugar at bay and prevent diabetes.


Sleep Apnea is more common in overweight people and is a condition where the sufferer stops breathing for a few seconds while asleep. Snoring is often a sign of Sleep Apnea and simple weight loss can solve the problem entirely.


You are more likely to suffer from Osteoarthritis as an increase in weight strains the joints causing pain in the lower back, hips, knees and hands. While the pain symptoms can be treated, the deterioration of the joints causing the pain can be slowed down or even halted by losing excess weight.


Being healthy and being fit should not be confused with one another. One can be perfectly fit but still overweight and still suffer health consequences due to the extra pounds you are carrying. In fact, overweight people who push their exercise regimen so far can be at a higher risk of suffering from some or even all of the health factors.

A healthy diet and moderate exercise are the best way to go. Dietary supplements like these and medications can also be used to increase the rate and success of weight loss. Fad diets are not recommended as it is more than likely that weight will be regained after the diet has been completed.

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