Happy Hooters Female Comfort Lotion for Sweaty Boobs

Boob sweat, does it sound funny to you? It may sound funny to some of you but a lot of women seek medical advice for their sweaty boobs, so they can also step out in confident, in style and sweat-free. Everyone sweats, but for a few it’s a big problem, they sweat excessive in places they are not comfortable showing off in public. Let’s face the reality, boob sweat happens but does that mean you just can’t try and dress stylish when weather is little hotter than normal.

Lotion to Eradicate the Boob SweatForget swiping deodorant under you breast or stiffing your bra with tissues to prevent sweat going down to the stomach and even you need not make a total mess with baby powder. Give your ta-tas the royal treatment! We are introducing you to a product that can eradicate the boob sweat! Yes, it is Happy Hooters Female Comfort Lotion. This ultimate formula is especially designed understanding women’s need. It prevents moisture and roughness around boobs, and anywhere else, your body might need it.Whether you want to work out and do not want your tee or tank top totally sweat soaked in embarrassing areas, this female comfort lotion is for you. Happy Hooters Female Comfort Lotion is actually a sweet smelling cream that goes under your boobs like lotion, absorbs completely and relieves you from your boob sweating problem for many hours.

What Are Its Ingredients And Their Uses?

So, are you now curious about its ingredients? Women nowadays are very careful about their skin and they don’t want to try anything that is not safe. Products that are made from natural ingredients are usually preferred. Happy Hooters anti-boob sweating lotion is made with natural plant ingredients to soothe and nourish your skin. Its main ingredients include:

* Water (Aqua)

* Tapioca starch to increase viscosity

* Isopropyl Palmitate is a binder or emollient

* Tocopheryl Acetate is a form of Vitamin E that provides natural conditioning

* Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate – is a film forming agent used as a thickener and stabilizer

* Disodium EDTA- A chelating agent

* Fragrance (Parfum)

* Sodium Hydroxide (pH Adjuster)

* Colloidal Silver – A health supplement

What Reviewers Say About The Product?

Are you still waiting for some recommendations? Happy Hooters Female Comfort Lotion is a favorite of many. Let’s see what reviews it has received. Emily says “Happy Hooters is great for all my sweaty feminine needs. I will never use anything else!” Another woman who was little shy to disclose her name says “I am very impressed with how this worked”. And there are many more who love this stuff. After applying this female comfort lotion you will feel that sweat is decreased and there is no wetness visible through your clothes. Performance wise the product is a win.

Say Goodbye to Sweat with Happy Hooters Female Comfort Lotion
No more boob sweat during your regular workout sessions in the gym. Happy Hooters anti-boob sweating lotion is safe and you can use it quite frequently. You can use it under your breasts or even under the crease where your ass meets your thighs. It prevents sweat in an effective manner and is recommended for those days when you are out on a trip and you don’t want boob sweat show through your cloths. It’s a fantastic product that lasts long and keeps you fresh, clean and sexy all day long.