Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was most known for his musical career and his trumpet.Louis Armstrong was born August 4, 1901 New Orleans, Louisiana. Louis Armstrong was sent to a colored  waif's home for boy when he fired his step dad's gun into the air on New Years Eve. There he was given musical instructions on the cornet. There is were he fell in love with music. By the time he was 17 he married Daisy Parker. He also could quit his working manual labor jobs and begin playing at parties, funeral marches, weddings, ECT. Louis received a call all the way from Chicago by King Oliver to play in his jazz band. He was married again by the pianist in the jazz band (Lillian Hardin). He starred in his first movie in 1932 and during the mid 1850's he was given the nickname "Ambassador Satch". But tragety struck once Louis Armstrong had a heart and lung disease allowing him to stop playing for a while, but that didn't stop him from practicing the trumpet. Louis Armstrong died July 6, 1971.

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