Digital Citizenship

Knowing about digital citizenship when you are on the internet is helpful. There are three important things you you should know when you are on the internet,about digital citizenship. Number one keeping you safe. When you are on the internet you should never give out your personal information like,don’t give out your phone number,what school you go to or your address you should not post pictures about your sell because anyone can see what you posted,remember you can’t get anything back, so be safe. Number two being nice. You should always be nice and positive on the internet,If you choose not to be nice you will turn into something called a cyberbully and I don’t think you want to be a cyberbully.Now this leads to my final and last thing you should know about digital citizenship. Cyberbullying,now cyberbullying is not cool a cyberbully is someone who makes fun of you and says bad stuff on the internet,If you are being cyberbullied you should tell an adult and safe the evidence to show someone. If you follow these steps you will be a good digital citizenship.

Photo courtesy of #WMSdigcit

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