Chef Job Outlook Project

By Dylan Butler

Date: 5/19/2015

Career Cluster: The chef job is in the career cluster of Food preparation and serving. The Career cluster Food Preparation and serving have a lot of jobs that deal with food and the jobs could be anything from  Manager at a food restaurant to a Hotel Chef to even a cafeteria Lunch Lady.

Occupation: Chefs and Head Chefs have an annual Salary of  $20.42 an Hour and $42,000 a year. You have to have 5 years or more in a related occupation.

Career/Occupation Defined: In this Job you will Cook for people at a restaurant, hotel, even a Theme park but you need to have 5 years or more in a related occupation.

Degree/Certifications: It is Required that you have A high School Diploma at least in order to be a head chef but you need 5 years or more of a occupation related to a chef

Community/Junior College: Le Cordon Bleu is a good community college to go to and why you ask well because Practice hands-on training. Train under professional chefs. Learn in industry-equipped kitchens. Focus on perfecting your skills using commercial-grade tools and fine ingredients. Get experience in a real restaurant setting. Gain real-world experience through your externship. Invest in your future with help from financial aid and scholarship opportunities. $7.5 million in scholarships and grants available.

Private University: erslivan University is a good private university to go for chefs because its partners wit APPCA or know as American Personal & Private Chef Association. Sullivan University also offers the Personal/Private Chef Diploma program for night and weekend students encompassing 21 months of study.

Employers: It does not show any names but it shows the guy that hires the employers.


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