LAX Kinetic Light Installation

Isabella Simanowitz

Lateral Area: πdh

Lateral Area: 3.14x12x100=3768

Base of a circle: πr^2

Base of a circle: 3.14x36=113.04

Surface Area: L.A.+2B

Surface Area: 3768+2 x 113.04

Surface Area: 3994.08

At the LAX Airport the kinetic lights installation reaches all the way from Century Boulevard to Sepulveda Boulevard. The lights displayed was made in 2000 by Paul Tzanetopoulus. The spectacular lights go for 1.5 miles and are entirely made out of glass. The lights are made by the use of a computer-driven lights display. Besides winning awards, the light display colorfully welcomes flyers to the airport. It stays on for 12 hours daily and the reduced annual electricity costs from $18,000 to $73,000. The original cost to maintain the lights was $1 million but today the cost is only $20,000 due to maintenance inspection cut downs.

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