University of Texas at San Antonio

Campus History and Orgin

Founded in 1969 bu Texas Legislature, University of San Antonio (UTSA )would offer opportunity for nearly 29,000 students each year. In 1970 UTSA first president was, Arleigh B. Templeton. In the 90's UTSA began offering classes downtown in the Institute of Texan Cultures, and enrollment increased, the university began looking for a new location. Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Enterprises purchased the Fiesta Plaza site for the new campus.He spent 71.5 millions of dollars in UTSA.

In 2004 the university got bigger because they added classrooms and lab rooms and jus more space.the added 1000 more bed student housing so there were around 3000 students living in the college. later on in 2006 it got even bigger because they started adding a engineering building. which is one of the largest and most sophisticated science facilities at any institution of higher education in Texas.  

Now UTSA has a goal to become a doctoral/research institution of at least 50 doctoral degrees a year in at least 15 discipline. You attend for four yesrs and you say and work at the school. There are around  4000 emplayers living at the university.

Mascot Rowdy

They were two mascots for the university which were Armadillos and starts. But in 1977 students decided to vote and they chose the Armadillo and Roadrunner.But in December 9, 1977 they voted on the blue Roadrunner. So now the mascot is a blue roadrunner named Rowdy. This outstanding bird was raised on the edge of a Texas hill. Rowdy participates in multiple hobbies and holds numerous Championship titles throughout his life, he won the 1983 World Series of Poker.


Tradition (Best Fest)

Best Fest is a annual celebration that happens in October and it began in 1978. in thte late 1970's they introduced performances from the UTSA Brass and the UTSA Jazz Ensemble. They also have contest like the jalapeno eating contest, the egg toss, Walking the Plank contest, Pee Wee Bicycle Races and many more. They now added a Halloween theme so you can go in a costume and they also have contest to see which booth is decorated the "scariest" Everyone comes together and buy food and play games.

Fight Song!

My Major

Accounting/ Marketing        

Persuasive essay

When I was little I loved math and I wanted to be a mathematician. I would always teach my fellow classmates on how to do their work and helped them, out so they can understand math like I do. I guess you can say I was "my math teachers pet" because I loved it so much and I was good at it. I believe that math is a important life skill you need to know and learn because when you're a adult your lifer will revolve around numbers. For example taxes, groceries shopping, when youre are employed and get your paycheck you want to make sure you get the correct amount of money etc.

I will be studying Marketing/ accounting in college because I belie  

Letter of Recommendation

I write this letter of recommendation to Paola Arellano to be accepted to the University of Columbia. Ms. Arellano is a well-rounded student who gets along with everybody she meets and always tries her best. She is wise and caring and has high academic grades as well as extra curriculum activities.

She will always give her best in everything she does and strives for excellence. You will never see her slacking off. Ms. Arellano does all her work and never procrastinates, this is why she is so successful. She gets straight A's even though she has extra activities in her mind.

Paola Arellano is a star basketball player in her school and she always finds a way to make time during practice and her studies. Besides her being a amazing basketball player she is also a great dancer. She never falls behind in her work and manages everinthiong perfectly

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