Goodbye 8th grade..
I can't believe it. How fast time flies by. Some of us may be happy, some may not. I'd like to consider myself both. Just think about it. Soon, we'll be driving cars, having a job, getting a family. It all comes too soon.

I'll miss everyone...especially the teachers and friends that have helped me through middle school. I wanna really thank my parents. Trust me, right now, with the little immature, teenaged brains we have. We won't miss middle school, right? Wrong. When we get older and we're paying bills and raising children, you'll wish to be back in middle school.

I Just can't get it through my head that some of us are fourteen. Gosh, going on fifteen! We have to enjoy the little things in life. Live everyday like there's no tomorrow. We have to enjoy what we are and what we have now, because trust me when I say this, Time flies by without us even knowing..

Goodbye Sherrard..


Shout out to,

Grace Lucus   Anothny Woodford   Skylar Hoskins

Charles Bigford   Tyler Hooker   Ethan Evans   Silas Tingley

Olivia Whitlach   Mrs. Burke   Mr. Hamrick   Mr. Salkovick   Mrs. Lyons

My Parents and family   My friends   Izzie, my sister

And of course,

Mr. Reese

One more thing to say to all of my friends...

Thank you.