Andie Stuart

I am a freshman at Girard High School. I have two brothers. One is in 11th grade and the other one is a Senior at Edinboro this year. I love being outdoors and my favorite season is Fall. I love to watch scary movies. One of my favorite movies to watch is the Purge.

Three Things About Me


One interesting thing about me is I love to play basketball. I have played basketball for many years. I am a freshman in High School and I am playing varsity this year which is pretty exciting. I went to a basketball camp over the summer in Pittsburgh and it was a good camp and I had a lot of fun.


One of my favorite things to shop for is shoes. I love to wear them. I have so many and I love to design my own. Whatever I wear for the day, my shoes always have to match what I wear.

I love to listen to music. I love to listen to Country. My favorite country singer is Sam Hunt. My favorite song of his that he sings is "Raised on It".


One of my three goals in life is to find a good career one day. I want to find a good job one day that pays good money so I can live a good life. Another goal of mine is too get good grades throughout High School. I want to get good grades throughout High School so when I get out of High School I can go to the college I want to go too. Which goes to my last goal which is to go to college one day. I want to go to college one day, so then when I get out I can do something that I want to do with my life.


Place I want to visit..

One place that I have always wanted to visit, is Hawaii. I have always wanted to go here and hope that I do one day. I love going to the beach and I think going to Hawaii would be so much fun.

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