My highschool would be located in West Hale Kansas,in the Great Plains.

My school would be a highschool.Preferably an all girl catholic school.There will be male and female teachers.The subjects being taught are:World History,Algebra,Geometry,Trignomitery,Religion,Gym,Chemistry,Biology,ELA, Spanish,Italian,Art and computers.The tuition would be about $6,500.School would be in session Monday through Friday.The school would be called St.Patricks Academy School for girls.(Patrick in honor of my late cousin.)The school's mission would be to make girls work to their full potential and help them improve in their weakest spots.The student's materials are rulers,calculators,pens,pencils,protractors,art box,stapler,binder,notebooks and folders.The school can also supply the list above,except for notebooks,art boxes,binders and folders.

Problems can be handled with going and talking to teachers and other aids about their problems.Students will be motivated by the teacher,classmates,amd family to preform their best.Yes their will be grades. The grading system used will be 1-100,A,B,C,D,and F.You would be able to tell if the kids aren't learning by having the teachers examine the children during class. The teachers would see who isn't doing work, and write their name down.

I mainly wanted to have a all girls school because usually in co-ed schools money raised for sports goes towards boys.I would like the girls to feel that their teams are just as important which they are.Women play a lot of the sports men play.People just care more about men playing.I won't lie I like baseball,but if you compared the views of a softball game to a baseball one,or a WNBA game to the NBA games you'd see a major difference.The students can talk to their coaches about their schedule so that the coach can develop practices around the student's schedule.

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