Module 09

K-12 mLearning Options


PhotoMath is a free application designed to help students with math issues. Available on both IOS and Android operating systems, one simply takes a photo of an equation and have the application solve it for you. If additional help is required it can show the step by step route the app took to solve the equation.

In the classroom, or more specifically outside the classroom, this app could prove invaluable to students. Textbooks have stood well as a tool for education however the constant flipping to the back page, and lack of explanations on the problem solving process proves to be a problem when students are expected to self study. When teaching anything that contained a mathematical component I would ensure that all of my students would have this application, not to stand in place of my duty as an educator but as an aid for homework.


Bitsboard is  a free flashcard application containing hundreds of flashcards in any subject area  you can imagine needing flashcards. It is deigned for IOS mobile devices, however I am not sure about its availability on Android. It seems intended for the lower grade levels however does not explicitly state that it is for children.

In a K-5 classroom I would have my students download this app and work through a certain number of flashcards a week on the topics we covered in class. I would then track their progress as they proceed through each weeks cards. There is an onboard percentage recorder that tracks the students right and wrong percentages, I would use these as a homework check in class. This could reduce the paper use in the classroom and engage students outside the desk and classroom.

Build A Bird

Build A Bird is an application for IOS that facilitates learning on evolutionary adaptations through birds. Its free and designed to line up with high school learning of darwinian evolution and th finches of galapagos islands.

Unlike the above apps this application is a little more narrow in its niche, however teaching evolution can be a chore at best in certain classrooms. I would use this app to help students visualize the  differences in different bird structures and how they have contributed to the survival of the species. Then as a project I would assign different environments and have the student design a bird to live in that environment.


Grammaropolis is an app refitted from SMART boards and web use to be used on mobile devices. This IOS app contains all the same functionality as the SMART iteration just on a mobile platform. It maps progress and operates on a scaffolding mechanism to facilitate effective learning

Like all of the above apps I would have my entire class download tis app to help reinforce grammar concepts learned in class. Grammar is a boring subject area of english but requires continuous review. I feel that a mobile app would be an effective way to continuously reinforce the concepts of grammar. Daily assignments for progress would be given to students to do at their leisure and be homework checked for completion.

Virtual Manipulatives

Virtual Manipulatives is a tool that allow students to work with objects for mathematics in virtual space. This app is designed to cover basic counting skills right up to algebra.

I would use this application as a reference for students in my class. The would download this application to reinforce the concepts learned in class. Many students don't have the manipulatives teachers use in class for explaining concepts and many students rely wavy on those physical manifestations to understand the concept. This app would be used to keep students mobile with their homework and learning.

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