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Buy Real Marriage Book If You Want A Long-Lasting And Fulfilling Marriage

If you are looking for realistic expectations concerning how a real marriage should be, then you must buy Real Marriage book.

Real Marriage is a great book for young couples who often bring a full trunk of baggage into their marriages. This book gives hope directed in the right way, not by creating unrealistic or incredible expectations.

In Real Marriage, the authors Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, share how they have coped and found healing through the power of the Bible. For them, friendship is an essential tool to a happy marriage, thus they emphasize that it is not easy to maintain. Hence they offer practical advice on how you to make and keep your partner as your best friend. Moreover, based on their own experience, they state that issues related with 'sex' need to be straight addressed.

Real Marriage respects biblical roles for men and women including the concept of male headship. However Mark and Grace Driscoll warn that leadership is not license for control. It also points couples to God for fulfillment, not each other – again great for young readers who is likely obsessed with the idea their spouse is their only source of happiness. And finally, Real Marriage really get into details of sexuality.

The authors of Real Marriage book place significance on friendship between married couples and provides great understanding that human's fallen and broken nature will continue to manifest itself, and this reality requires couples to not only show grace, but also that they temper expectations and look to Christ for their fulfillment.

Many people who had read other books on marriage and relationships, declare that none of them has had the great impact on their marriage like Real Marriage did.

If you are married or are planning to get sun, buy Real Marriage book and read it. This book will serve as an invaluable resource for a long-lasting and fulfilling relation with your spouse.