Carrying Capacity
carrying capacity - the amount an enviroment can hold of an animal.

resources needed for survival-water,food,shelter,space.

say there are 100 tree frogs and a lot of the plants they eat die,then the carrying capacity would not be at 100, so you would loose some tree frogs.


     biotic factors- palm,trees,monkeys,fish,humans,moss.
Abiotic factors-moist soil,rocks,fresh water,quicksand.

Limiting Factors

limiting factors - wildfires ,tornadeos ,hurricanes ,droughts ,and earthqueaks.

in a rainforest a limiting factor that plays a big role is wildfires .

Energy Roles

energy roles-the role that each animal plays in a food chain or web

in a rain forest a bettel eats a vine and a toocan eats the bettel.

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