The Rising Danger of E-Waste

Where does the E-Waste come from?

When I say E-Waste, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it a bad or good thing? It’s many things. It’s a way of destroying people’s health, it’s a way of taking advantage of poor countries, it’s a way to get rid of old electronic devices or it’s a way for some countries to save money. Electronic waste is piling up around the world at a rate of 40 million tons per year. Television, computers, cell phones and a lot of other electronic devices are found in the garbage. Why? We don’t know. Why don’t people recycle them?We don’t know too.

It may cost more money to send them to poor countries than to recycle them but it’s killing people or it’s ruining their lives. Rich countries like Canada, USA,Germany,Japan and others send their old devices or broken devices to poor countries. Poor countries destroy the items with acide and that liquid goes directly into the rivers. It becomes highly polluted and poor people drink that water. It’s a vicious circle that never ends. It’s a lifetime issue. The companies create products with defects so they get broken faster and people will have to buy new ones. It’s not only the river that gets affected, the air becomes toxic too. The cow breath that air and humain eat that cow’s meat. Human breath that air too. It’s really a vicious circle that never ends.

Influence causes most of the e-waste problems. We all have that one idol that we will do whatever they do. It can be a celebrity or a best friend or even a member of our family. If they buy a new I Phone 6+, we can’t resist to the temptation to buy the newest version like our idol did. It’s all about influence and competition. There is a lot of competition between companies, Apple vs Samsung, Xbox vs PlayStation, PC vs Mac and others. It affects people because they see a lot of commercials and they always want to buy the newest version. It’s a worldwide issue that is never ending. It’s only getting bigger and bigger everyday.

- Joanna Sououb

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