Energy Web-Quest

Jessica Basinger (questions 1-5)

1. In addition to use as a transportation fuel, what are three interesting uses for petroleum? What are three other uses that are very important to us? LINK

1. (A) Ink, Shampoo, and Cassette Tapes. (B) Soap, Shoes, and Deodorant.
2. According to the Department of Transportation, how many gasoline and diesel-fueled motor vehicles are currently on U.S. roads (look for All Motor Vehicles --> Total --> Total)? LINK

2. 247,264,605
3. According to the Census Bureau, how many people currently live in the U.S.? What is the current global population? What percentage of people all live in the U.S.? LINK

3. {A} (May 14, 2014: 8:19 a.m.) 318,039,836 {B} 7,165,936,967 (May 14, 2014: 8:21 a.m.) {C} Northeast: 17.7% Midwest: 21.4%; West: 23.5%; South: 37.4%
4. Globally, how much crude oil was produced daily in 2012

4. 8905

5. How much crude oil did the U.S. consume each day in 2012 (number of barrels)? LINK

5. 18555

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