Everybody sees the Ants

Author Of Book: A.S. King Project By: Cheyenne Taylor

-This photo is the cover of the book. The boy on their is the main character named, "Lucky Linderman." He get bullied a lot by this kid named Nader McMillian and his gang The Ants, all the time.

-He is trying to get everyone to stop bullying, because he know exactly how it feels and its not funny at all, even though some people in this world think that it is.

-He is trying to teach everyone that bullying is very wrong.

-He is also trying to teach you to stand up to  the bully, if you are getting bullied.

-He does not want you to be a bystander, so stand up to the bully if you see someone geting bullied.

"There is no reason to be a bystander,because you might as well be a bully also"

This is the cutest letter I have ever read. It's a letter from a good friend, to santa claus wanting him to stop the bullies from picking on his best friend. This little boy stands up for his best friend, and it so adorable. :)

"The worst part of the day, form being bullied, is trying to get up enough courage to go to school, and stand up to that bully that has been picking on you or one of your friends."

Do not bully others. It is not funny at all. Even if you think it's funny, it's not at all.

This song "Don't Laugh At Me" By: Mark Wills, is very sad, it's about bullying, telling people to not laugh, or call names, or anything else that causing bullying. Its very sad song to listen to at times. :)

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