My trip to Europe with the People to People Student Ambassador Program!

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What people to people means to me....

Getting invited to people to people Ambassador program is a huge honor, however I need YOUR help to get the money in order to be able to take advantage of this one in a life time opportunity.
People to people was founded by President Eisenhower, he had founded the program so children of the world can have an opportunity to see the beauty of the world and create a more civilized world for children.
If you could help me by donating some money to my trip, I would greatly appreciate it..... the money needed is over 3000$ now..... and I also need some carry around money in order to buy souvenirs so I can remember this trip I will go on for the rest of my life. However my departure date is June 25th so there isn't much time left!"
Please help me by donating to my trip so I can live the dream I was meant to live for me and my friends and family!

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