Career Research Project

Chemical Engineer
Elliot Koster

Necessary Job Skills

* Demonstrate ability to apply technical knowledge to diagnose, troubleshoot, solve or help others solve equipment and/or process issues.

* Lead manufacturing technology and productivity related to the improvement for the unit(s).

* Obtain qualification through required courses and extensive knowledge of the periodic table and chemistry.

* Identify and implement solutions to manufacturing issues related to technology.

Education Requirements

At least......

* A Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering

* 3-5 years experience in chemical plant or related fields

North Carolina State University

This is a large four year college that is located a mile away from downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. NC State offers numerous associate, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. The field I wish to obtain a degree in is engineering, which is why I chose this school. At NC State, 23% of all students follow along the engineering degree program. Also, 11% seek careers in biology. Another reason I choose this school was location and size. NC State has 24,000 students seeking undergrads, and 4,300 degree-seeking freshmen. Living in Illinois, I want to go to school somewhat far away to develop a larger grasp of what else is out there.

Words To Live By

"Don't stop me now"  -Freddie Mercury

I chose this quote because I believe that everyone can relate to it. This is the title of a famous song from the band Queen. For me, music is a good way for one to express feelings. Who doesn't like listening to music? Songs include many implicit and hidden messages, and once you can interpret it, many ways of understanding it come forward to you. This song, to me, sends forth a picture of where I am right now in life. School is almost over, the weather is getting hot, and the moods are rising. When I here this song it makes me think of what is to come in my life. Right now I am in high school, but soon I will graduate and start a whole new life. I am excited for what is to come, so don't stop me now.

My Role Model

Many people play a significant role in my life and there is many whom I look up to. However, my Dad is my most respected role model. I have always been very close with my Dad and consider him my best friend. Part of this reason has to do with my parents being divorced. When I was about seven my life had changed forever, but maybe it was for the best. Because my parents are divorced, time seems as more of a value. Now that I have grown to understand this, I quite enjoy spending time with them. This divorce is also significant in the amount of time I actually get to see my Dad. Every Saturday at 3 I go to his house and then come back around the same time on Sunday.

Because I'm not there that often, I enjoy the time I do have there. My Dad owns 40 acres back in the middle of nowhere by the Rock River. When I'm here, we usually go fishing, hunting, or just messing around outside. I respect my Dad for the self-made man he has became. My Dad never went to college, but rather went straight into working. He built his own business and still works with it today. He lives a clean, simple life that can be enjoyed with family and loved ones. It is his life that inspires me to start my own career through hard work and simple living. Most of all, I enjoy just thinking of what will soon come.

More About Chemical Engineering

There are many different fields that chemical engineering fall into and effect. These types of jobs can range from marketing, pharmaceutical work, food production, and countless others. Chemical engineering is a rapidly expanding field and commonly are faced with many of the "same challenges that other professionals in many other fields face"(What Do Chemical Engineers Do?). In retrospect, out of the top paying jobs in recent years, 10 out of 15 are engineering related. With respect to other organizations, it is engineering that has developed many helpful and genius products and alterations that shape the modern day world. I have always wanted to be an engineer, whether it was mechanical, petroleum, and now, chemical. With a strong understanding of math, and science, this seems like the perfect career for me to follow. Engineering is hard work, but it an effective way of new production and creation. Not only would I enjoy it, but after a few years in this profession, saturation of deep pockets seems apparent.

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