Costal Plains

Have you ever felt like you just need a break? Well, the Costal Plains has alot of beautiful beaches so you can relax, and have some fun with family.

Other than beaches the Costal Plains are huge in agriculture. Peaches are one of the main plants grown in Georgia. Most of Georgias peaches are grown in this region. Cotton, and Vildiana peppers are grown here also.

The Costal Plains are made up of many physical features.

The fall line is the physical feature that seperates the piedmont region and the costal plains region from each other. Piedmont region is actually one huge plateu. When you get close to the fall like you can see that the costal plains is flat land.

Savannah is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Georgia. The Savannah river has one of the most important ocean ports in the United States. The ocean port makes it easier for us to trade with other countries.

The Barrier islands have forts built on them to help protect Georgias coast. Due to the Barrier islands, Georgias coast is also protected from dangerous weather.

Okefenokee Swamp is the second largest freshwater swamp in the United States. This swamp is home to 1000 diffrent spieces of plants and animals.

Georgias temprate climate has a large effect on the states economy and development. Agriculture is effected by its climate. Theres longer growing season, and more rainfall. Many of Georgias industries have developed because of the states climate. For example, texile industry and lumber, and pulpwood industries.

In addition, many corporations have relocated to Georgias because employees enjoy living in the warm climate.

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