Wildlife Preserves

Nature's PROTECTION Program

What are Wildlife Preserves?

Wildlife Preserves are a non- profit organization based on land and animal safety . They are also used to protect animals from poachers .

This poster's rules applies to all wildlife reserves ,global.

What type of animals live in animal preserves? (List of Animals in Denali Alaska Animal Preserve below)

-Mammals : Moose , Dall Sheep, Wolves ,red foxes ,wolverines ,Arctic Ground Squirrels ,Hoary Marmots , snowshoe hares, collared Pika ,Mice ,Voles,and Shrews

-Birds:Black Capped Chickadee,Common Redpoll, Golden Eagle , Gyr Falcon ,Norther Hawk Owl , Peregrine Falcon, Ptarmigan , Trumpeter Swan

Well, it depends on the region the preserve is in , the animals in one animals in one Animal Preserve could have totally different species from another.

The laws applied by the United States in reference to the Wildlife Preserves across the country apply to all of the of 50 states. The 6 million acre Denali , Alaska Wildlife preserve is in part of Mt. McKinley ,the tallest mountain in North America . Are there fences in the Denali Wildlife Preserve? In most Wildlife preserves there would be , but in the Denali Preserve the land is so widespread that they wouldn't need fences around the park ; if they were to do that It would would cost countless millions of dollars to do it.

I think that the effort to save wild - life is very well achieved.


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