Roman Farmers Aid in Rise of Roman Economy

By: Elizabeth Ly

The red colored land is what we used to know as The Roman Empire.

ANCIENT ROME- Yesterday, the Roman farmers boosted the Roman economy by farming and producing crops. The Roman Empire traded the crops with other countries for their goods.

         Roman Empire officials decided to make a deal with the farmers. They allowed the farmers to give some of their crops instead of money, Roman coins, for their taxes. The Roman Empire used these crops to trade with other countries for goods.

         "Other countries like Europe, Asia, and Africa have big requests for our Roman crops," said Fabricius Alba.

         "It's great! All my husband has to worry about is growing crops," said Aelia Mariana, who took a quick break from farming. Rome mostly ships to Europe, Asia, and Africa.

         The most common crops are grains, grapes, olives, apples, peaches, nuts, and many more. Farmers use some farming techniques from their neighboring countries like Greece and North Africa.

         In addition to trading with other countries, farmers sell their harvests to the markets to gain money.  The farmers also buy several items, like food, from the markets, too.

        Demands for Roman crops from other countries made farming the most common job to have in Rome.

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By Daytime, Filling by Nighttime, Exotic

           Welcome to my Roman restaurant. We will be serving what the ancient Romans used to eat. For our breakfast menu we will serve bread and wheat pancakes with dates and honey.

            In addition to breakfast, we will also serve the following for lunch: fish, cold meat, bread, vegetables, and porridge. Not only will my restaurant serve breakfast and lunch, but we will also be serving dinner as well.

             For our dinner menu, we will have exotic foods like peacock tongues, a chicken stuffed inside a duck that is inside a goose, that is stuffed into a pig, and finally stuffed into a cow, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish, dormice, and snails along with many sauces and spices to go with your entree. We will have hand made utensils like what the ancient Romans used to eat with. We will also have slouching couches to lay on while you eat. You will for sure enjoy your time here, so come and try these fascinating foods.

This is how ancient Romans used to eat.

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