A Blizzard is...

A storm that has a lot of wind blowing snow around. Blizzards make it hard for you to see outside.

Blizzards Form From...

Cold air on the outside of the blizzard with warm air rising over the cold air. A blizzard needs lots of moisture to form.

Blizzards in History

  • On January 31, 2011, the 3 Day Blizzard (also known as the Groundhog Day blizzard because it ended on February 2) started. About 24 people died in that blizzard.
  • In 1888, the Schoolhouse Blizzard (also called the Children's Blizzard) occurred in the Great Plains, stranding kids in their schoolhouses. About 235 people died in that blizzard.

The Human Impacts

Generally, people prepare for blizzards by stocking up on food and water. Scientifically, people forecast what weather will come for the next few days so people can get ready for the upcoming blizzards.

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