End of Year Project


It has been brought to my attention that we need good people in our life. They bring happiness and kindness to the world. Good people balances the world out.

Happiness is brought by good people. Good people bring joy to everyone the come to find.They help others in time of need and do thoughtful things for others. We need happiness in the world , we need good vibes. Without good people the world would be filled with chaos and negativity. We'd be living in a cold place without them.

Who doesn't need kindness in their lives? I know i do. Kindness is found in every good person. All the good people balance out all the bad people with their kindness. Even the smallest thing can bring kindness to someone. For example, helping out a teacher clean up will do. It shows that there is still good people left in the messed up world we live in.

People say that good does not exist or that we don't need good people, when in reality we do. Having good people is bad because all they do is get stepped on and who wants that? Good people are easily taken advantage of and don't get appreciated enough. Therefore, who needs them? All they ever do is get hurt by bad people, so they say.

Reality check people! We do need good in our lives. Good people are very important because without them our world would have gone up in flames already. They bring the good out in others. Safety, kindness, and happiness is all brought out by good people. I would not wan to live in a world without them.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I have known Ana Rodriguez for about a year now and it has been brought to my attention that she would like to be a fashion designer/stylist. I am qualified to write this letter for I am the owner of K and D design studio where Ana has worked for me. Ana has a lot of passion and dedication for what she does and this is why I am recommending her to your business.

As soon as, Ana walked through the door of my studio I was impressed. She walked tall and firm. Ana talked with such confidence and got straight to the point. I noticed that same day that she had all the aspects and qualities of a fashion designer/ stylist. Great sense of fashion, creativity, organization, sweet, graceful the list goes on and on. When Ana was given a new project she would automatically get started. She gave 110% to everything she did. Ana loves what she does so much, you can tell by the excitement in her face and the twinkle in her eyes when she works. To Ana her job was not just a job that she had to attend everyday, it was something she enjoys doing, an option.

Ana has many skills as well. She is organized and a multitasker. Her ability to think outside the box also helps a lot.

I highly recommend Ana to your business because she is such an amazing person. You will fall in love with this young lady as soon as you meet her. I am sad to see Ana go but it is time for her to start the next phase in her life, which I know she is ready for. Her dedication and passion show she is. If you would like further information about Ana or me please contact me at (915) 672-9938 or at allie09@gmail.com


Alondra Galindo

Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Intent

Galindo, Alondra

1620 Farris St

El Paso Tx, 79387

May 18, 2015

Miguel Trevizo, Head Nurse

Nurse department

14400 Pebble Hills

El Paso, Tx 79382

Dear Miguel Trevizo:

I have been interested in your hospital department for long time. I see the kind of work you do and the lives you save. I would love to be about of your department because I feel like I can be a big help to you and others. My care for others is strong and I know I can help saves lives as well.

I work well under pressure, which I know you need to be able to do when you are a nurse. At a young age I have dreamed of helping others. Throughout my high school years I had taken a class that has led me to where i am now. My education as always been based on becoming a nurse. Your hospital has a lot of care and a good reputation and i would love to be apart of this because I know I can benefit from it and so can you. Please let me prove to you that I can be a good nurse and a big help.


Alondra Galindo


Alondra Galindo

(915) 672-9938

1620 Farris St.




As a student, I would like to go to a college that I know will help me grow and progress as a nurse.


Kinder - 1st grade Alamo Elementary School (2005-2007) terrific kid both years.

2nd grade Sgt. Roberto Ituarte Elementary (2007-2008) Was in florcioco.

3rd grade Paso Del Norte Elementary (2008-2009) I was commended on both English and math taks.

4th grade Sgt. Roberto Ituarte Elementary (2009-2010) I was on the dance team.

5th grade - 8th grade Paso Del Norte Elementary (2010-2014) 5th grade i won 2nd place in the spelling bee, 6th grade I was inducted into NJHS and stayed in till 8th grade. 7th and 8th grade I played softball and got District champs both years.

Freshman year El Dorado 9th Grade Academy (2014-2015) I joined Biomedical Science.


In the summer of 2014 I worked with my grandma at a children's service office and I would help with visits and filing.


  • Organization
  • calm and collective
  • hard headed
  • caring
  • dedication

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