Mohatma Gandhi

The Non-Violent Prophet

Jillian Kelly and Cecilia Abelha

HRE 4M1 - Period 4

Ms. Scione

Friday, March 27, 2015

Ghandi's Religious Encounters with God

Ghandi was born and brought up in India.  India is well known for her philosophy and religion.  Religion to them is one great sustaining force, pertaining to all the spheres of their lives. 

Ghandi's interest in religious matters was due to his Indian background.  Religion to him was not a matter of individual experiences, he found God within creation.

Ghandi's Mission

Ghandi was a political nonviolent activist who worked hard fighting for India's independence from Britain. He was a leader within the Indian National Congress, a party supporting independence for India, and traveled to various Indian communities to learn about the local struggles; it was during those travels with the party that made Ghandi aware of the social issues present in society and inspired him to lead a movement to free India. He made speeches inspiring all who heard, and led protests against discrimination and economic empowerment. Gandhi advocated nonviolence and truth. His work in nonviolence centred in civil disobedience, and rooted in freedom from oppression.

Although Gandhi already knew God from his religious background and strong beliefs, it was during his fight for independence that Gandhi had a revelation where he developed a stronger relationship with God while doing His work. Gandhi realized his vocation after witnessing the struggle Indian communities faced, and he did what needed to be done in a peaceful manner, practicing God's teachings of respect and love, all while keeping the covenant God made with man. It is Gandhi's inspiring teachings that demonstrate the will of God that make him a prophet. Gandhi's call story teaches us that God does not have to speak to us directly to relay his message, but there are other ways to receive a mission from God.

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