Tools of the trade
Jessica Arbelaez

remind is an easy way for your teacher to communicate with you through via text.  it helps you stay on task with all your studies.  its can be used by entering your teachers name to the website remind and then you enter your phone number and your etcher can communicate with you to help you with your studies.  

edmodo is a free way to help you communicate with your teachers and classmates in a way its like a classroom Facebook.  it can help you talk to you etchers and classmates about homework, what happened in class, and the lesson. you can turn in assignments take polls and take quizzes. is a fun and creative way to make personalized projects.

Tackk allows anyone to quickly publish anything with one simple page. There is no software to download, no login required and no special design or development skills needed.

The design cycle is important to designing anything and everything from an art project to a history assignment it helps you learn the ways in which things are created. The design cycle consists of  inquiring and analyzing (the big problem).  Then developing ideas and then creating the solution evaluating is a simple online tool that empowers anyone to create and share visuals no design experience needed!

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