Heating And Cooling System
By Davis Tharp

Business Description

Mercury is a perfect place for a business. The business I would have on Mercury is a heating and cooling business. First,I would take chunks of loose rock on Mercury.Then, I would heat the rocks during the day. It gets up to 800 degrees on Mercury! Next, I would get other rocks and cool them at night on mercury. It gets down to 300 degrees below zero on Mercury! I would give my customers big remote control trucks to haul the heavy rocks around. The name of my business is Davis' Heating And Cooling System. I sell hot rocks and cold rocks. I made this because I think the main problem in houses today is that it takes to long for the houses to heat up and cool down. There may be a lot of businesses on Mercury, but mine is the best. =)

Peruasive Letter

Dear customer,

You should come to my business because it is beast. If you come to my store you will have ten bucks knock off your price.If you get a small you'll pay nothing! If you buy two large you'll get one large free you'll be ready for summer or winter in no time.If you have kids and they are bored they can play with the pets!You don't have to worry if they are mean, they are well trained.Lastly,you would enjoy coming to my business.



                                                                                                                    owner of                             Davis' Heating And Cooling System. =)

Pricing And Options

Small rock         $ 10.00

Medium rock    $15.00

Large rock           $25.00

Installation        $1,999.00