All about Thanksgiving...
By: Lilly Kline


The first thing I am thankful for is homes. I am thankful for homes because homeless people don't get homes. But I get to. I am glad to have a home. Overall, you learned all about homes.


I am thankful for my family. I am going to start with my dog,Sophie. She is a Shih Tzu. She is a cuddly dog. Her nick  name is Sophie dogs. Next, I am going to talk about my dad,Scot. He is the best dad ever! He always feeds me food when I want it. He fixes all my stuff that get messed up. Then I am going to   talk about my mom, Petra. She is the best mom ever! She makes my dinner and breakfast. She is amazing. She takes care of me. Next is my brother, Connor. He is mean but when I was a baby he always took care of me. He is a good brother sometimes. Then, My sister Lucy. We have to share a room. I am glad that I have a sister to hangout with. Overall, you learned all about family.


I am thankful for food. I am glad that I have food. I like food a lot because it gives you energy. I am glad that I have food.

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