5 Big Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make While Designing an iPhone App

If you are iPhone application developers , there are sure mix-ups that you are not permitted to make. If made you will be inflicted deficiently and it may cost you your profession.

Resolution which is strange

Generally your UI plans are considered as the key factor for measuring the achievement capability of your iPhone application.

The retina display concept of iOS can bring the flawless visual experience for the users and that will provide you countless to an application developer.

When you use top quality UI with a suitable resolution, it will help you to pull in your potential visitors to your application and will likewise help you in increasing the quantity of downloads.

Not realizing the estimation of Social Media

Are you rationally a developer if you don't aware about the strength of social networking?

Open up the real world of internet and learn why bringing social media into your mobile application has turned into the need of great importance.

Social media integration will help you in spreading a decent word about your applications; will help you in pulling in more users and visitors for boosting up your application's popularity.

Dismissing your selection of Operating System by your focused niche

Before you begin outlining your application verify that you know everything about your focused audience.

In the wake of knowing your audience, research and conduct a study to discover which OS your prospects are utilizing. You may abstain from putting your cash and time in android application development if you figured out that more than 75% of your potential audience is utilizing iPhone.


When you are adding to a mobile application which is a gaming application the there is no need that you bring business application features into it.

It doesn't bode well. You can't simply include everything into one application. Choose what all your application is about and what ought to be added to it just to perform the task for what it has been meant.

Having No objective whatsoever!

What is the use of designing a mobile application that does not have a goal whatsoever? At the point when there is no potential audience to serve your application with, what is the need to design such an application? It is vital to characterize a purpose behind the application and a particular objective of an application on the off chance that you rally needs to make your application work for you.

Toward the end, while designing your iPhone application make sure that you are not committing these 5 errors. This may come about into an incredible calamity and you won't have the capacity to make your application go well ever. You need to assemble an awesome trust with the individuals you need to manage. Once there is trust there will be a productive business.

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