Abiotic/Biotic Factors


Abiotic is none living things
This is abiotic things,aka(not living)
This is abiotic and biotic factors in this picture


This is a biotic factor because it is livin
this is a lion that breaths so it is biotic
this is a biotic factor

1.Biotic or living factors in that pond are = Fishes, aquatic plants, algae snails , slugs , and micro-organisms . Insects that visit the plants..Abiotic or non-living factors are = Soil / mud at the bottom, water in the pond , its temperature and pH , the dissolved gases in the water .
2.they are both nature and sometimes does the same thing.

3.rain forest, birds, snakes, lizards, snails, monkeys/rain, mud, rocks, water, soil

4.we would not have any food or water