The Glass Castle



Forgiveness is the most important theme. Throughout the book, each character must come to grips with the concept of forgiving each other. Mom and Dad neglected their children in so many ways and should be punished, but their children also need to understand that forgiveness is for themselves as well for their parents.


Fearlessness and loyalty are two traits that the Walls children soon learn they must assimilate. They are children and should be afraid of what they go throught but they are not



Jeanette Walls was riding a taxi in New York City to an event. On her way she see's her mother digging through the trash.  Her mom has been homeless for years and Jeannette feels a sense of gloom and shame about her mother

Rising Action

The family settle in a small town in Nevada. For months Jeannette and Brian have spent their time exploring the desert. Rose, the mom,takes a break from her art works to hold down a job as a teacher. A minor altercation with the law makes the family the family move to Phoenix.

In Phoenix, they move in a large house and enroll the kids in a school. Rex, the dad,is an alcoholic, but is able to keep a job as an electrician, but something comes up again so they decide  to stay in Welch with the grandmother.

Welch turns out being depressing. The town is segregated, impoverished, and does no welcome new people who come. Rose and Rex buy a shack on a hill to live in


Rex beats Jeannette and makes her do bad stuff. Rex beats her because she was talking back to her mom. She did not think he would really do it but he did. Jeannette never looks at her dad the same way. Jeannette finally reaches a breaking point. She ran out into the woods, in the woods she told herself that she would never get beat again. And she wanted to leave for New York as soon as possible

Falling Action

Jeannette is moving out going to New York. Three years after Jeannette had been in New York she got a call from her mother, saying they had moved to New York to be a family again. After all that moving, Rex and Rose finally find a home in New York


Remember in the introduction Jeannette felt embarassed of her mom ? She learns that even though her parents have put her though bad and hard situations, she still should not be embarrassed of who they are. Now Jeannette becomes successful in her writing career.



She is the narrator and main character of the story. She tells the events of her life living with neglectful and yet loving parents.

Rex Walls

He is Jeannette’s alcoholic father who manipulates and uses his wife and his children for his own needs and yet never stops loving them and hoping they love him.

Rose Walls

She is the selfish mother of the family who brings her own baggage with her and passes it on to her children. She also loves her family but only after her own needs are met.

Brian Walls

He is the boy of the Walls siblings and learns very young how to protect his sisters. He grows up to be a protector as well when he becomes a police officer.

Maureen Walls

She is the most fragile of the children and spends all her life looking for someone to take care of her.

Lori Walls

She is the oldest child of the family, but isn’t the one who dominates. She is smart and loving, but without Jeannette, hasn’t the courage to escape the life she hates.


The Story first starts out at New York when Jeannette see's her mom

Arizona is the first place in Jeannette's childhood where her family had to escape from the tax payers

The next place was in Nevada, her favorite place, they used to dream of striking gold there

They next move to West Virginia when they get very poor and they live with the dad's family

Then it ends in New York


"Life is a drama full of tragedy and comedy, you should learn to enjoy the comic episodes a little more" - Rose (mom)

" I live in a world at any moment could erupt into fire. It was the sort of knowledge that kept you on your toes" - Jeannette

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